Patient Appointments

View a patient's appointment history and upcoming appointments from the Appointments for Patient window.

In the Appointments Module, at the top, click Pat Appts.

This window also opens when you schedule an Appointment for a patient who has a planned appointment, a scheduled appointment, a broken appointment, an unscheduled appointment, or a recall due.

Note: In the Audit Trail, this window may be referred to as Other Appointments.

Recall for Family: All Recall due and scheduled for all family members. Red entries indicate the patient's recall appointment is overdue. Click on a family member to quickly switch to their appointment history.

Appointment Module Note: Notes that show in red when you hover over patient's appointments in the schedule. Requires Appt Mod Note in Appointment Bubble Display Fields.

Family Urgent Financial Notes: Notes entered in the Account Module, Family Urgent Financial Notes section. They cannot be edited here. These notes also show in red when you hover over any family member's appointment in the schedule.

Planned Appt Done: This box reflects the value of the Done box in the Chart module, Planned Appt tab. When checked, this notifies scheduling that the next appointment will be a recall, not a restorative procedure. If unchecked, there is a planned appointment. See Planned Appointments.

Show Completed Planned Appts: List planned appointments attached to completed appointments. By default these do not list.

Appointments for Patient: The patient's planned, scheduled, broken, unscheduled, and completed appointments.

The buttons along the bottom can be used to quickly take action on an appointment:

Go to Appt: Quickly jump to the date of the selected appointment. If the appointment is in an operatory not displayed in the currently selected appointment view, the appointment view will change to one that includes the operatory.

Copy to Pinboard: Copy the selected appointment to the Pinboard for scheduling. Completed appointments cannot be copied.

Entire Family: Schedule Recall appointments for all family members due for a special recall type (e.g. Prophy or Perio).

Schedule Recall: Schedule the patient's next recall appointment. Patient must be due for a special recall type (e.g. Prophy or Perio).

Note for Patient: A patient note that can be placed on the schedule. On the Edit Appointment window, enter notes in the lower left, change any other settings, then click OK to send to the pinboard to place on the schedule like an appointment. These notes can be set complete, but cannot be broken, sent to the Unscheduled List, or sent to the ASAP List. The default background color is set in Definitions: Appointment Colors.

Create New Appt: Open the Edit Appointment window to schedule a new appointment.

Appointments on Sheets

Some Static Text Fields will open the Appointments For window when used on a sheet.

If apptDateMonthSpelled, apptProcs, or apptProvNameFormal are used on a sheet, and that sheet is selected for the patient, the user is prompted to select an appointment. The appointment date will be used on the sheet (apptDateMonthSpelled, apptProcs) or the appointment's procedures will be used on the sheet (apptProcs).