Canada Claim History and ROT

For Canada users, in the Manage Module, click Send Claims.

Canadian insurance claims can be managed on the Insurance Claims window. Claims cannot be sent as a batch in Canada.

For a full description of all buttons and columns, see Send Claims. Below is detail on features specific to Canada.


Toolbar options:

Retrieve Reports (ROT - Request Outstanding Transactions)

Users are alerted of outstanding transactions (mailbox items) when sending claims. Retrieving them is optional and does not affect patient accounts.

Click Outstanding to retrieve reports.

If a user is notified of outstanding transactions upon sending a claim, and would like to retrieve them, they should use these options (in any order):

Note: Mailbox items might be automatically retrieved for multiple carriers at a time (others on the same network as the selected carrier) and oftentimes only a single request is necessary to download all mailbox items.

Wait for responses to show. When each step is complete, a dialog with the word Done. will show.


Undo: Changes a sent claim status to Waiting to Send.