Send Canadian Claims and Retrieve Reports

For Canada users, in the Manage Module, click Send Claims.

Canadian insurance claims can be managed on the Insurance Claims window.

Claims with a Waiting to Send status can be sent or printed here as part of a batch. However, batch claim sending in Canada is not recommended. The program will still send the claims one by one in real time, thus the sending process could take a while. It is better to send the claims individually, as they are created on the Edit Claim window. See Canada Claims.

Claims Waiting to Send

The top half of the window lists claims that have a status of Waiting to Send.

Filter options:

Toolbar options:

Claim History

The lower History grid lists all claims sent or printed from this window and received reports (e.g. ERAs, acknowledgment reports). Double click an item to view more information.

The list of claims and reports can be filtered by date or type. Click Refresh to update the grid with filter criteria.

Date From / To: Only show claims in a date range.

Type: Only show certain types of claims or reports. Single click an option, or to select multiple types, press Ctrl while clicking or Shift while clicking. If no options are selected, then all types will show. Valid Canadian formats which may display are:

Undo: If there was a problem with sending, highlight the claims and click Undo. The claims will move back to the Claims Waiting to Send grid. It will not reverse the claim. A claim can only be reversed from the Edit Claim window.

Print List: Print the current contents of the History grid.

Outstanding Claims: Open the Outstanding Insurance Claims Report.

Retrieve Reports (ROT - Outstanding Transaction Requests)

Click Outstanding to retrieve reports from the default Clearinghouses. Your default clearinghouse must be set up first.