Manage Module

The Manage Module contains miscellaneous management functions that don't apply to any single patient.

Also see Webinars.

Daily Area

Send Claims: Send, print, and manage insurance claims. See Send Claims.

Batch Ins: Enter batch insurance payments. See Batch Insurance Payment.

Billing: Print or email batch statements and set billing defaults. See Billing.

Deposits: Create Deposit Slip.

Supply Inventory: Track suppliers, supplies, orders, and equipment. See Supply Inventory.

TSI Collections: See Transworld Systems Inc. (TSI).

Tasks: Set up task lists and create tasks for office communication, reminders, appointment lists, patient lists, etc. See Tasks Area.

Backup: Use Open Dental's manual Backup and Archive Tool.

Accounting: Set up a chart of accounts and track expenses, income, assets, liabilities and equity. See Accounting.

Email Inbox: Launch the Email Inbox.

ERAs: Process ERA.

Import Ins Plans: Only visible when Public Health is turned on. This is a very specific function for importing 834 files. Import Ins Plan 834.

Time Clock

Employees can use the Time Clock to clock in/out of work.


Send internal text, light and sound messages to all workstations in the office. See Messaging.