Confirmation Status

In the Appointments Module, a small circle can be added to an appointment box to indicate an appointment's confirmation status (e.g. confirmed, unconfirmed, called, emailed).

To show the confirmation circle, Confirmed Color must be added to the Appointment View.

Confirmation statuses can be created and customized in Definitions: Appt Confirmed.

Only users with the Appointment Confirmation Status Edit security permission can change the confirmation status. Changes to confirmation status are logged in the Audit Trail.

This prompt can appear when moving an appointment.

Three criteria must be in place before this prompt will appear:

  1. The appointment is scheduled on any date other than today.
  2. On the Edit Appointment window, the selected confirmation status is not the first status in the dropdown list.
  3. The appointment is being moved to a new time on the same day.

Note: Appointments rescheduled from the pinboard will automatically have the confirmation status reset without receiving the above prompt.

Offices using eConfirmations, may also receive the following prompt if an eConfirmation was already sent for an appointment being rescheduled to a new date or time.

If the office chooses not the resend the eConfirmation, the patient may receive an error when trying to confirm their appointment. See the Troubleshooting section of eConfirmations for more details.