Definitions: Account Procs Quick Add

In the Main Menu, click Setup, Definitions, Account Procs Quick Add.

The Account Procs Quick Add definition determines the list of items available in the Quick Procs dropdown in the Account module.

To add or edit items available in the Quick Procs list:

  1. Double-click an existing item or click Add to create a new item. The Edit Definition window will open.
  2. Name: Enter the item name. This identifies the item in the Quick Procs dropdown. However, when the item is added to the patient's account, the procedure's description will be used.
  3. Procedure Codes: Enter the procedure code or group of codes associated with the item. To enter more than one code, separate each code with a comma and do not add spaces (e.g. D0140,D0220). This field is case sensitive so enter the code as it appears in the Procedure Codes list.
  4. Click OK to save.

To remove an item from the Quick Procs list, double-click the item and click Delete. If the item has been added to a patient's account it cannot be deleted. Hide the item instead.