Use the Draw toolbar to edit images by drawing or adding text, lines, or measurements.

In the Imaging Module, click Draw.

See our X-Ray and Measurements Mounts Webinar.

When Draw is selected, the above toolbar will display.

Color: Click to select the color applied to drawings and text.

Text: Enable the text tool. Click on the image to add text. The Edit Text window is opened.

Pen: Enable freehand drawing. Click on the image to draw.

Line: Enable line drawing. Click to draw a line on the image. When selected, additional options are displayed in the tool bar.

Polygon: Enable freeform shape drawing. Click the image to draw a filled shape.

Eraser: Enable the eraser tool. Click a drawing, line, or text to remove from the image.

Change Color: Apply the current color defaults to an object. Once the tool is selected, click a line, text, polygon, or pen drawing to change the color.

Close: Hide the Draw toolbar.

Calibrating Scale

Calibrating a scale only needs to be done once as all imaging is taken with the same machine. Once calibrated, lines can be measured using the Measure tool.

  1. Take an image with a known length. This can be done on a test patient.
  2. Draw a line along the known length on the image.
  3. Click Set Scale, then cancel out of the window.
  4. Click on the line of the known length. The Image Scale window will open again with the Pixels pre-populated.
  5. Enter the known length in the Image Scale window, then click Calculate.
  6. The Pixels per mm field will populate. Take note of this number.
  7. Enter the Pixels per mm number in two places:

When measuring a line on an image in a mount, the calculation is done automatically.

To measure a line on a single image, not within a mount, enter the scale manually.