Fees Export

Exporting fees is useful when you want to make minor changes to an existing fee schedule or make a backup.

In Fee Tools, at the bottom left, is an Export button.

  1. Under the Select Fees section, select your fee schedule. You can export global fee schedule, or further narrow the export to clinic and/or provider-specific fees.
  2. Click Export.
  3. Select the location and file name, then click Save. By default it is saved as a txt file in the OpenDentalExports folder.

Procedure code, fee, abbreviation, and description are exported. Here is an example:

Note: Some characters in the Code Description may not convert properly. For example, a dash ("-") may export as "â€".

To change fees, open the saved file, make the changes, then save the file. If making changes that will be imported back into Open Dental, only code and fee changes will be recognized.

To export a fee schedule as an excel file (.xls), use the Procedure Codes - Fee Schedules Report instead.