Fee Schedules

In the Main Menu, click Setup, Fee Schedules.


Typically you will create a fee schedule for your Usual Customary and Reasonable (UCR) fees and for each insurance company you are contracted with. A fee schedule can allow a single (global) fee per procedure, or allow provider and/or clinic-specific fees. For an explanation of how a patient's fee schedule is determined, see Fee Schedule Logic. Users must have the Edit Fee Schedule permission to access the Fee Schedule window.

Also see Procedure Codes for information on entering fees and editing procedure codes.
See Fee Tools for information on copying fee schedules and editing fees.

To print a fee schedule, see Procedure Codes - Fee Schedules Report.

Create a Fee Schedule

  1. Open the Fee Schedules window.

    Fee schedules that already exist are listed. To only show fee schedules of a certain type, select the Type in the upper right. The sort order here determines the sort order when selecting a fee schedule throughout the program.

    • Up/Down: Reorder the fee schedules. Select a fee schedule, then click Up or Down to move it.
    • Sort: Quickly sort the fee schedule list alphabetically by type (Normal first, then CoPay, then Out of Network)
  2. Click Add or double-click an existing fee schedule to edit.
  3. Description: Enter the name of the fee schedule.
  4. Select the type. This property cannot be changed once the fee schedule is created. See Insurance Plan Types for more examples of when to use each type.
    • Normal = In network fee schedules. These types of fees schedules are options in the Fee Schedule dropdown on the Insurance Plan.
    • Copay = A set fee schedule the patient is responsible for per procedure. Copay fee schedules can work in conjunction with percentage-based plans. To determine how blank entries in a copay fee schedule are treated, see Co-pay fee schedules treat blank entries as zero in the Family Module preferences.
    • Out of Network (formerly called Allowed) = A fee schedule for fees allowed by insurance, even if you are not contractually obliged to follow them. These types of fee schedules are options for Carrier Allowed Amounts on the Edit Insurance Plan window. When computing estimates, all percentages will be based on this out of network amount instead of on the procedure fee. Blank amounts are ignored and will not change the estimates. But out of network amounts of zero will result in an estimate of zero. Out of network fee schedule entry can be automated using the Blue Book feature.
    • FixedBenefit = A fee schedule from insurance where they pay a fixed amount for each procedure code. This fee schedule is an option for PPO Fixed Benefit Insurance Plan only. To determine how blank entries in a fixed benefit fee schedule are treated, see Fixed benefit fee schedules treat blank entries as zero in the Family Module preferences.
  5. Use Global Fees: Set whether the fee schedule will only allow a single (global) fee per procedure, or allow provider and/or clinic-specific fees.
    • Checked: Only allow a single fee per procedure.
    • Unchecked: Allow provider and/or clinic specific fees per procedure. This box can only be changed when the logged-on user has the Provider Fee Edit permission and, if Clinics is turned on, Headquarters is selected in the main menu. See Fee Override for Provider or Clinic to enter fees.
  6. Click OK to save.

A fee schedule cannot be deleted, but can be hidden as a selection option as long as it is not associated with a provider or patient. On the Edit Fee Schedule window, check Hidden.

Clean Up Allowed

This button is only visible to users with the Security Admin security permission. Use it to delete out of network fee schedules that are not being used or are attached to hidden insurance plans. It is sometimes useful if you have used the Blue Book feature.

Hide Unused

This tool will allow you to mark any unused fee schedules as hidden.

Before you run the tool, you will be prompted to make a backup of the database. This may take a while.

Click OK. Any fee schedules not used by insurance plans, patients, providers, or discount plans will be hidden.

Check Ins Plan Fee Schedules

This tool allow you to check that insurance plans have the correct fee schedules or reassign fee schedules for multiple insurance plans at once. Click Go to make sure that insurance plans have the correct fee schedule attached. See Check Ins Plan Fees.