Drop Insurance Plan

Dropping an Insurance Plan removes the plan from the selected patient only. Historical information is not affected and the plan will still exist in the Insurance Plans.

  1. Select the patient.
  2. In the Family Module, double click the insurance plan to open the Insurance Plan.
  3. In the upper left, click Drop.

The plan will no longer show in the patient's insurance area. However, it will show on the family's Insurance Plans for Family list (Click the Add Insurance drop down).

To re-add a dropped plan:

  1. Select the patient.
  2. In the Family module, click Add Insurance.
  3. If the patient is the subscriber, click Yes. If not, click No, then select the subscriber.
  4. Double click the dropped plan to select it. The dropped plan is indicated with (not in use).
  5. Verify the patient information, insurance plan information, subscriber information, and benefit information, then click OK to save.