Install on Workstation

These steps explain how to Install Open Dental on a new workstation when you have multiple computers in the office. Workstation installations are different than server installations.

See our blog post: Installing Open Dental on Additional Workstations

  • Open Dental requires the .Net framework, which is usually installed with most modern operating systems.
  • Individual workstations do not need MySQL components, A to Z folders (OpenDentImages or OpenDentalData folder), or databases installed.

On the workstation:

In File Explorer:

  1. Browse to the server and open the folder called OpenDentImages (sometimes called OpenDentData folder). This is where the A to Z folders are stored.
  2. Locate the Setup.exe file.
    Note: In version 15.3.10 and greater, the setup.exe stored in OpenDentImages may not match your current version number. You can still run the setup.exe and then update versions, or you can update the setup.exe file (Main Menu, Help, Update, Setup, Recopy). This will copy the current version's setup.exe file that is saved in the database.

Right-click on the Setup.exe file and select Run as administrator.

Right-click on the Open Dental desktop icon, Run as administrator.

In the Choose Database window, select the connection settings:

  1. Change the servername from localhost to the server name or IP address.
  2. Select the database.
  3. (optional) Check the Do not show this window on startup box to hide this window the next time you start Open Dental. This is a typical setting on a workstation.

If this workstation will host the eConnector, you may need to allow Open Dental through the Windows Firewall. See eConnector Firewall.

Graphics Preferences are workstation specific and will default to Simple after an installation. Changing this setting is optional.