Insurance Verification Setup

In the Main Menu, click Setup, Appointments, Insurance Verification.

The default criteria for the Insurance Verification List can be set via the Setup menu.

These settings are also used to determine which patients are checked during a batch insurance verification using Scheduled Processes.

Show In Standard List When: Set defaults for standard insurance and the Assign Standard Verification tab in the Insurance Verification List. Insurance plans with no assigned Filing Code (set in Edit Insurance Plan, Other Ins Info Tab) or those with no code mathching those selected in Show in Medicaid List When are considered standard.

Insurance Verification List defaults to the current user:

Exclude patients with insurance plans marked as Do Not Verify:

Always reverify service year insurance benefits:

Always reverify service year patient eligibility:

Exclude Patient Clones: Only appears if Patient Clone is enabled in Show Features

Show in Medicaid List When: Set defaults for medicaid insurance and the Assign Medicaid Verification tab in the Insurance Verification List.

Click OK to save changes.