Insurance Verification Setup

In the Main Menu, click Setup, Appointments, Insurance Verification.

The default criteria for the Insurance Verification List can be set via the Setup menu. These settings are also used to determine which patients are checked during a batch insurance verification using Scheduled Processes.

Scheduled appointment in: Set the default for Days until scheduled appointment.

Plan benefits haven't been verified in: Set the default value, in days, for Plan benefits haven't been verified in.

Patient eligibility hasn't been verified in: Set the default value for Days since patient enrollment.

Past due appointments up to: Set a value, in days, that determines when verifications are considered 'past due' and show on the Past Due tab. The default is 1.

Insurance Verification List defaults to the current user:

Exclude patients with insurance plans marked as Do Not Verify:

Exclude Patient Clones:

Always reverify service year plans:

Click OK to save.