Scheduled Processes

Some processes can be automatically performed at a designated time.

In the Main Menu, click Setup, Advanced Setup, Scheduled Processes.

Typically Scheduled Processes should be scheduled for after hours to avoid disruption of normal program function as these tasks can be server intensive. The Open Dental Service is required to run Scheduled Processes.

Click Add to create a new scheduled action, or double-click an existing action from the grid to edit.

Ins Batch Verify

Ins Verify Batch Preferences: These preferences only affect the Ins Batch Verify action. Changes to these preferences are immediately saved. Changes to preferences trigger a generic Alert.

When verifying patient eligibility and insurance information, Open Dental will use the 271 file from the carrier. Patients whose insurance information matches the 271 will be removed from the Insurance Verification list. When benefits and eligibility are successfully verified, the Last Verified date is determined by the preferences Always reverify service year insurance benefits and Always reverify service year patient eligibility. See Insurance Verification Setup for more information.

Patients who do not match the 271 will remain on the Insurance Verification List and the Status column will be updated. Patients still remaining in the Insurance Verification list after the scheduled process will need to have their insurance information verified manually.

When compared to the 271, Open Dental considers the following:


Statements can be generated and sent electronically to a third party or emailed. Statements sent by mail must be created manually via the Billing List.

Consider the following before enabling Statements as a Scheduled Process:

Information on how many statements were sent, failed, errors are logged in a text file: C:\Program Files (x86)\Open Dental\OpenDentalService\Logger\ScheduledProcess\Statements\

Similarly, failed statements can be found in the Billing List when Unsent is checked. Successful statements can be found in the Billing List when Sent is checked.

If sending statements via email, an email with the statement attached as a PDF can be found in the account. When clinics are enabled, emails are sent from the clinic email address. If no email address is entered for the clinic, the practice email is used.