For Canada users, claims can be submitted using the updated ITRANS 2.0 clearinghouse.

There are four parts to installing ITRANS 2.0.

  • Existing ITRANS 2.0 users should consider updating their ITRANS Claims Director to version 3.1 or greater for enhanced capabilities.
  • For information on ITRANS 2.0, see Question and Answers about ITRANS 2.0 from the Canadian Dental Association.

Install ITRANS Claims Director Service

ITRANS 2.0 includes the ITRANS Claims Director (ICD) service, which sends and receives claim and carrier information.

  1. On the Windows administrator account of the server, download ICD for Windows from
  2. The ICD downloads in a ZIP folder. Extract the folder to access the latest ICD executable.
  3. Right-click the ICD executable and select Run as administrator.
    • If Microsoft Defender blocks the installation, click More Info, then Run Anyway.
  4. If prompted, select English (United States), then click OK.
  5. Click Next.
  6. Click Next.
  7. Ensure ITRANS Claims Director is checked, then click Next.
  8. Select English as the language, then click Next.
  9. Change the installation path to C:\ICD\, then click Next.
  10. Enter the Service User Account (typically named CDANetUser). Then enter the password and click Next.

    Note: Ensure the domain, user, and password are entered correctly or the service will not install. If not using a domain, enter the server name instead (e.g., server\user or .\user).
  11. Ensure the ICD folder is set to c:\ICD\ ,then click Next.
  12. Set the Time to Check for updates. 3 A.M. is the default. Then click Next.
  13. Keep the Networks folders in their default location. These do not need to change. Then click Next.
  14. Review the Input and Output file naming conventions. These do not need to change. Then click Next.
  15. Click Install.
  16. A wyUpdate window will appear. Click Finish.
  17. Note: If the wyUpdate window does not show the above screenshot and instead shows the error: Unable to check for updates, the server file failed to load, still click Finish and proceed to the next step.

  18. The ICD install will continue, click Next.
  19. If the Update CCDWS warning appears, click OK. Take a mental note to update CCDWS at a later time.
  20. When the ITRANS installer is complete, click Finish.
  21. Share out the ICD folder so all users have read and write permissions.
  22. Restart the ITRANS Claims Director service.

Set the ITRANS 2.0 Clearinghouse

Setup the ITRANS clearinghouse to enable ITRANS 2.0 claim submission.

In the Main Menu, click Setup, Family/Insurance, Clearinghouses. Double-click ITRANS 2.0.

  1. Change the Description to ITRANS 2.0.
  2. Set the Claim Export Path to \\ServerName\ICD\.
  3. Set the Report Path to \\ServerName\ICD\.
  4. Ensure Use Claim Export Path is checked.
  5. Set the Explanation of Benefits (EOB) Option.
    • Do Not Download EOBs: EOBs will display, but amounts from EOBs will not be downloaded into claims/predeterminations.
    • Download EOBs, Do Not Auto Receive: EOBs will display and amounts from EOBs will be automatically downloaded as insurance estimate overrides (claims and predeterminations) and preauth estimates (predeterminations only), but the claim/predetermination will not be marked as received.
    • Download EOBs and Auto Receive: EOBs will display and amounts from EOBs will be automatically downloaded as insurance estimate overrides (claims and predeterminations) and as preauth estimates (predeterminations only), and claim procedures will be received using the same amounts. Claim payment will need to be finalized after receiving payment from the carrier.
  6. Set the Comm Bridge. Typically ITRANS but can be ITRANS2 when needed.
  7. Click OK to save.

From the Clearinghouses window, ensure ITRANS 2.0 is set as the default clearinghouse.


If the ICD does not install (might show error 1069, 1920, or 1923), there may be an issue with the credentials. Cancel the installation, re-run the installer as administrator, and when prompted for credentials (step 11) leave them blank and click Next. When installation is complete, find the ITRANS Claim Director in Services and go to Properties. Re-enter the credentials under This Account in the Log On tab.