CDA Digital IDs

Digital ID's are certificates installed to the server that allow claim submission.

For Canada users, ITRANS, ITRANS 2.0, and Claimstream require digital IDs.

Install Provider Certificates

Follow the instructions below to install provider certificates.

  1. On your server, create a new Windows user account.
    • Name this user CDANetUser.
    • Create a password that you do not intend to change.
  2. Log into the newly created CDANetUser account.
  3. Install the Digital ID for each provider that will be sending claims.
    • For Dentists, log into the CDA website to install certificates. See Dentists below.
    • For Hygienists, log into the Instream website to install certificates. See Hygienists below.
  4. Once installed successfully, log off the CDANetUser and log into Windows using a system administrator account.

  • The CDANetUser account does not need to be used or accessed regularly. It is only used to be a common place to install provider certificates. If the password to the CDANetUser is changed, it will cause claims to fail.
  • Ensure the server date and time are set correctly prior to installing certificates. Incorrect dates or times may deem the certificates to be invalid.
  • If replacing a current certificate, remove the old certificate first before proceeding.


Below are CDA Digital ID installation instructions that we received via a CDANet letter to providers.

  1. Sign in to the CDA Practices Supports Services website
  2. Click on MY CDA Digital ID.
  3. If linked to multiple offices, find the row with the office in question. Click Download Digital ID.
  4. Confirm the listed CDA Digital ID. Read the CDA Digital ID Subscriber Agreement and click the confirmation checkbox.
  5. Click Install with CDA Digital ID Installer.
  6. If not already installed, install the CDA Digital ID Installer. Follow the instructions.
  7. Copy the secure code listed on the website.
  8. Start the CDA Digital ID Installer software. Click Paste to paste the secure code in the window. The CDA Digital ID installer software should not be run as administrator.
  9. Click Submit to install the CDA Digital ID and other required items.


Hygiene offices no longer need provider certificates to send claims.

Hygiene only offices can send claims directly to TELUS using the Claimstream clearinghouse.

Note: When hygienist is billing under their own IDs, set the following on the Provider.
  • Check Is CDANet Member.
  • Enter CDHA provider number in the CDA Member ID field.


Changing the password on the account storing the CDA Digital Certificates will invalidate them. If you must change the password on the user account, you must also update the password within the services. For ITRANS 2.0, this is the ICD and CCDWS service. For Claimstream, this is just the CCDWS service.