MySQL 5.6

The Open Dental installer uses MySQL 5.5, however we do support MySQL version 5.6. If you choose to upgrade from version 5.5. to 5.6, there is a process you should follow to prevent issues.

Moving to MySQL 5.6 from 5.5

Follow these steps if you have been using Open Dental with MySQL 5.5 and want to transition to 5.6.

  1. Make sure the server has the correct version of Open Dental.
  2. Delete any unneeded databases (e.g. any database backups created during updates).
  3. Confirm no one can log into Open Dental.
  4. Disable port 3306 in the firewall.
  5. Stop the MySQL service.
  6. Make a backup copy of the data folder (mysql/data).
  7. Uninstall MySQL version 5.5.
  8. Run the MySQL 5.6 installer.
    1. Click Update MySQL.
    2. Change any necessary paths (e.g. data path).
    3. Click Install, then follow the steps.
  9. Edit the my.ini file as needed (e.g. add the same extra variables from the 5.5 my.ini file.
  10. Restart the MySQL Service. If it auto-starts, you may want to stop the service, then start again to make sure you can start the service for next time.

New Customer Install using MySQL 5.6

Follow these steps if you are a new customer who wants to start using Open Dental with MySQL 5.6 instead of 5.5.

  1. Run the trial version installer, but only install the Open Dental Program, my.ini file, opendental Database, and OpenDentImages.
    • Do not install MySQL Server, MySQL 5.5 grant tables.
    • Specify the MySQL 5.6
  2. Navigate to the MySQL Server 5.6 installation folder (C:\Program Files (x86)\MySQL\MySQL Server 5.6\). Press SHIFT and right click on the bin folder to open it in a command line.
  3. Run the command mysql_upgrade.exe to upgrade any databases in the mysql\data folder to MySQL 5.6.
Note: If installing MySQL 5.6 outside of our trial installer, the my.inican have configuration issues which could cause Open Dental or the database to not work correctly. This is true if you start fresh or are upgrading to MySQL 5.6. If possible try to use the default my.ini from our trial installer.