MySQL User Manager

See Database Management Systems.

The MySQL User Manager is useful when adding or managing MySQL users.

In the Open Dental installation folder, double-click MySQLManager.

The MySQL Manager tool can only be used on the server. It is especially useful for offices using Middle Tier.

  • This tool cannot be used to add or edit MySQL Reserved System Users.
  • The information on this page applies to both MySql and MariaDB users.
  • Also see: MySQL Security

Connection Settings: Enter the connection settings prior to managing the users.

Users: Lists all users associated with MySQL.

When adding or editing a user, the following window appears:

Permission Level: Grant the desired level of permissions to the selected user.

Note: The Open Dental Service and eConnector must be reinstalled after using the MySQL User Manager to create or change a password for the user they are set up with. This is normally the 'root' user.