Open Dental Service

The Open Dental Service is used to run background processes necessary for Open Dental.

In the Service Manager, double-click OpenDentalService.

Note: The OpenDentalService will only list in the Service Manager on the server computer. The service should only be installed on the server, since additional installations on workstations may cause conflicts. The OpenDentalService should only be installed and running on one server for offices that are using replication.

This service is required for customers using Email, eServices or customers utilizing certain third parties.

The OpenDentalService does the following:

Installing the OpenDentalService

The OpenDentalService is typically installed on the server computer upon initial installation of Open Dental.

Sometimes the OpenDentalService must be installed manually due to permission restrictions on the server.

To manually install the OpenDentalService:

  1. In the Main Menu, click Tools, Misc Tools, Service Manager.
  2. Click Add.
  3. Click Browse and select the OpenDentalService.exe. This is typically located in \Program Files (x86)\OpenDental\OpenDentalService\.
  4. Click Install.
    1. Enter the configuration settings.
    2. Click OK to close the Configuration window.
    3. If the installation is successful, the status will change from Not Installed to Installed, Running.

  • Offices utilizing the Open Dental Service for CC Recurring Charges and Repeating Charges or Payment Plans, may want to schedule Recurring charges run time after Repeating charges run time and Pay Plan run time when setting up Preferences to ensure charges are posted before attempting payment. Not doing so may cause payments not to be processed if there is no charge (or balance) on the patient's account.
  • If using a cloud-managed database system, enter the PEM filepath in the SkySQL PEM field when entering configuration settings. File must be accessible from all workstations.