Edit Patient Information: Other Tab

In the Edit Patient Information window click the Other tab.

SS#: Social Security Number. Dashes are automatically added.

Date of First Visit: This field is usually updated automatically based on the first appointment or procedure status.

If the date of first visit is manually entered, it will not be updated when an appointment date or procedure status changes. However, the date is always cleared when an appointment marked as New Patient is deleted and there are no completed procedures.

Student Status if Dependent Over 19 (for Ins): Choose a student status for the patient. Used for insurance claims.

College Name: Enter the name of the college for the patient. Used for insurance claims.

Signed Truth in Lending: Check if Patient has signed a Truth In Lending document.

DoseSpot Access Medication History Consent: Only visible if Dosespot is enabled. When checked, consent is given to DoseSpot to access the patient's medication history via SureScripts. Only check this box if the patient has given consent. Consent information will be passed to Dosespot from SureScripts when OK is clicked in the Edit Patient Information window. Once consent is given, it cannot be revoked, so the box cannot be unchecked.

Date of First Visit Logic

Setting the DateFirstVisit on the Patient table, other than directly editing it fro FormPatientEdit, is done in the following ways:

Procedures.SetDateFirstVisit method usage scenarios:

  1. When any procedure is inserted regardless of status, If no C procs and date blank, changes date.There is a bug in Appointments.ApptTypeMissingProcHelper in which the date could be update even if no procedures were inserted. This would occur if you chose an ApptType for an appointment, but all the procedures associated to it were already charted. I am unsure if there is a problem with updating this using the QuickAdd buttons from the ApptEdit window. If you have the ability to make a button that contains no codes then this would also cause an update to the DateFirstVisit.
  2. When updating a procedure to status C. If no C procs and date is blank or less than 7 days old, update visit date.
  3. When an appointment is deleted. If no C procs and appointment is set to IsNewPatient, clear visit date.
  4. When changing an appt date of type IsNewPatient. If no C procs, change visit date to selected date.

Most places set the first visit date to todays date from the server. Here are a few exceptions:

  1. FormRepeatChargeEdit Manual add will set the date to todays date based on the local machine (Possible bug)
  2. Dropping an appt on the schedule will use the DateSelected of the appointment module
  3. Marking a proc complete in the chart module will use the ProcDate of first selected Proc in the list of selected Procs
  4. The Appointments.ApptTypeMissingProcHelper uses the AptDateTime to set the date
  5. The QuickAdd in ApptEdit uses the AptDateTime as well
  6. In the HL7 parser, we utilize whatever is set to the ProcDate as the date first visit when we insert new procs