Edit Patient Information

In the Family Module, double-click in the Patient Info area.


You can prompt staff to complete certain fields using Required Fields marked with an *. If required fields are incomplete when staff clicks OK on the window, a message will notify them.

Click Cancel to view the incomplete fields, marked by a red exclamation point. Enter the required information. Click OK to save.

Patient Name

Status, Gender, Position, and Relationships

Miscellaneous Information

Email and Phone

Appt Texts: Only shows if Appt Texts are enabled. Indicates if patient has opted in or out of Appointment Texts. Once a patient opts out, the office cannot opt them back in. The patient must instead send a text to opt back in. Click Info to see one of the following:

Contact Information

Address and Phone

Address and Phone Notes

Billing and Provider(s)


The following tabs may be available depending on what options are turned on in Show Features.