Add Procedure Code

In Procedure Codes, at the lower left, click + New.

Adding Procedure Codes is a way to create non-CDT codes. For example, create codes for supplies you dispense (mouthwash, toothpaste), when running a promotion on a procedure, or add codes used in a foreign country. The Setup security permission is required.

If entering a series of new codes, the code last added will show under Previously Entered Code for reference.

Select the Type of the new code. Depending on the selection, some fields on the right will populate.

Complete each field listed under Edit these fields for each new code. These fields are required.

Select other procedure code options as needed. For more details, see Procedure Code Edit.

Click Add, then another to save the procedure code and keep the New Code window open.

Click Add to save the procedure code and close the window.

Click Close to close the window without saving the procedure code.

The new procedure code will appear in the Procedure Code List under its category.