Replication: Update Open Dental Version

To update Open Dental when using Replication, refer to the steps below.

Before updating, make sure required setup is complete.

When ready to update Open Dental for all locations, follow the steps below:

  1. From your Update Server, kick all users out of Open Dental. Go to Tools, Misc Tools, Shutdown All Workstations. This tool reminds users about the update and closes Open Dental on all workstations.
  2. Ensure all MySQL replication servers are running smoothly.
    1. From the File Explorer, navigate to the MySQL folder. The default location is

      C:\Program Files (x86)\MySQL\MySQL Server 5.5

    2. Locate the MySQL bin folder. Hold the shift key and right-click the folder.
    3. Select Open Command Window Here. You will get the following window:
    4. Run the following command. Replace opendental with the name of the database if different.

      mysql -u root -c opendental

    5. Run the next command.

      show slave status \G

    6. You will get the following information:

  3. Repeat step two for each server.
    Note: By running the show slave status command on each server it will determine if replication is up and running. Do not continue if any slave status says that the Slave IO or Slave SQL is not running.
  4. From the Update Server, open Open Dental and go to Help, Update. Install the updated version.
  5. Launch Open Dental to upgrade the database.
  6. In Open Dental go to Setup, Advanced Setup, Replication.
  7. Click Synch in the lower left. This will ensure all replication servers receive the database update queries.
  8. Launch Open Dental on all servers in the replication chain and log into a user at least once, to ensure the slave monitor can monitor the health of the replication chain.
  9. Once complete, users can log back into Open Dental. They will be prompted to update to the new version. Select OK, then log in as normal.