Claims Not Sent Report

In Standard Reports, in the Monthly section, click Claims Not Sent.

The Claims Not Sent report is a list of claims that have been created, but not sent. It can be generated for a single date or date range.

Note: To control user access to this report, see Report Setup: Security Permissions.

  1. From/To: Filter the report by date range. This looks at the Date of Service on the claim.
  2. Clinics: If using clinics, highlight the clinics to include. Click All to select all clinics.
  3. Claim Filter: Select the type of claims you would like to populate.
    • WaitQ: Claims with a Waiting to Send status.
    • Holding: Secondary claims with a Hold until pri received status.
    • Unsent: Claims marked with the Unsent status.
  4. Refresh: Click to update report results.
  5. Click Run Report to print or export the list.

Note: If a claim has more than two procedures attached, you may need to click Wrap Text to see all procedures on the report.

For a description of toolbar buttons, see Complex Report System.