UDS Report

The FQHC Dental Sealant Measure report is for offices utilizing Public Health features.

In Standard Reports, in the Public Health section, click FQHC Dental Sealant Measure.

In Federally Qualified Health Centers, typically dental procedures are sent to the medical EHR, and the medical EHR should be used as the primary data source for UDS reporting to prevent duplication of patients. If your office would like to request a UDS report for dental patients, we may be able to add a report, depending on the complexity and demonstrated need.

Contact Open Dental Support and escalate your call or email to our management team. Information about UDS reporting for Federally Qualified Health Centers can be found here: http://www.hrsa.gov

The FQHC Dental Sealant Measure report is a built-in UDS report that replaces query 1092.


Entering the reporting year in the popup window before running the report.

Report Preview

Click OK to launch a print preview of the report results.

Note: Report results exclude children who have molars that are decayed, filled, currently sealed, or unerupted/missing (has a specific set of filling or sealant procedure codes.)