Unearned Allocation Report

This Unearned Income Report shows all families where one or more patients have unearned income with subsequent completed procedures.

In Unearned Income Reports, click Unearned Allocation.

Patients on this report may need to have their Unearned / Prepayments allocated to the listed procedures.

Note: To determine user access to these reports, see Report Setup: Security Permissions. The Unearned Income reports use the Complex Report System.

Select the Unearned Types to include or check All. Set up additional unearned types in Definitions: PaySplit Unearned Types.

(Optional) Uncheck Show provider column to hide the column of providers allocated to each prepayment. When checked if a provider is not allocated to a prepayment, the column is blank.

(Optional) Check Exclude families with a net $0.00 unearned income balance. This will remove families with no current unearned income from the report.

Filter Providers and Clinics or check All. This limits results to guarantor's with a specific primary provider and assigned clinic.

Click OK to generate the report.


This report shows all families where one or more patients have a prepayment paysplit attached to them with subsequent completed procedures that have a remaining patient portion due.