Unearned Allocation Report

Use the Unearned Allocation report to help find families that may have income that should have been allocated to procedures and was missed.

In Unearned Income Reports, click Unearned Allocation.

This report shows all families where one or more patients have an Unearned / Prepayment payment split attached to them with subsequent completed procedures that have a remaining patient portion due.

  • To determine user access to these reports, see Report Setup: Security Permissions.
  • This report is only available for MySQL 5.6 and MariaDB users. MySQL 5.5 or lower users who would like to run this report, please contact Open Dental Support to upgrade.


Set the report criteria before running the report.

Show provider column: Check to show the Prov column on the report.

Exclude families with a net $0.00 unearned income balance: Determines if families where the net unearned income balance is $0.00 are included in the report.

Unearned Types: Select the Unearned Types to include. Check All to include all unearned types. .

Providers: Select the providers to include in the report. Ctrl + click to select multiple. Check All to include all providers, including those marked Hidden on Reports.

Clinics: Select clinic to inlcude in the report. Ctrl + click to select multiple. Check All (Includes hidden) to select all clinics, including those that are hidden, and include patients not assigned to a clinic.

Report Preview

Click OK to generate the report. Below is an example of the report and explanation of the report columns. For a description of toolbar buttons, see Complex Report System.

Patients on this report may need to have their Unearned / Prepayments allocated to the listed procedures.