Right Click Text Box

Right-click in certain text boxes throughout Open Dental to spell check, insert Quick Paste and Auto Notes, and more.

In Procedure Notes, right-click.

Additionally, right-click is supported for Quick Paste Notes and Spell Check in the text boxes listed in the table below.

Type Window Name: Text Box Name
None Account Module: Fam Urgent Fin Note

Procedure Code: Default Notes Edit

Procedure Code Note: Note

Procedure: Notes, E-claim Note

Procedure Group Note: Notes

Procedure Note Append: Original Note, Appended Note

Appointment Edit Appointment: Appointment Notes
CommLog Commlog: Note
Adjustment Adjustment: Note
Claim Claim: Claim Notes

Edit Email Message- body of message

Edit Email Template - body of message


Insurance Plan: Plan Note, Subscriber Note

Benefits: Notes

MedicalSummary Medical: Medical Summary
ServiceNotes Chart Medical Area: Service Notes
MedicalHistory Chart Medical Area: Medical History
MedicationEdit Medications List: Notes
MedicationPat Medications: Count, Instructions, Refills

Edit Patient Information: Address and Phone


Add Family: Address and Phone Notes

Payment Payment: Note

Payment Plan: Note

Edit Payment Plan Charge: Note

Query User Query
Referral Referral List: Notes
Rx Rx / Prescription: Notes

Account module: Family Financial

Billing: General Message

MedicalUrgent Chart Medical Area: Med Urgent
ChartTreatment Chart Module: text box under graphical chart

Statement Window: Note, Bold Note

Billing Defaults: General Message

Billing Options: General Message, Body

Recall Edit Recall: Administrative Note
Popup Popups: Popup Message
Task Task Window: Description, Note. The quick paste note must have a Task type of the ? shortcut will not work.
TxtMsg Text Message: Text Message

Schedule Edit: Note

Blockouts: Note


Treatment Plan Module: Treatment Plan Note

Edit Treatment Plan: Treatment Plan Note

ClaimCustomTrack Edit Claim - Status History Tab
CreditCardEdit Credit Card Edit window. See Authorize Recurring Charges

Right-click options may be available for other areas of Open Dental with additional options. See the corresponding manual page for that area for additional information and right-click options.

Inserting Dates

There are several ways to quickly insert today's date in a right click text box.