Quick Paste Notes Setup

In the Main Menu, click Setup, Quick Paste Notes.

Alternatively, right-click in a Right Click Text Box that supports quick notes and select Insert Quick Note.

Using Notes

Quick paste notes are templates for frequently used Notes. Assign shortcuts to templates to quickly insert notes in designated Right-Click Text Boxes throughout the program.

Some quick notes come default with the program. To use a quick note in a text box:

  1. Enter ? followed by the note shortcut abbreviation (e.g. ?anx). The abbreviation is immediately replaced with the full note (Anxiety).
  2. Or right-click and select Insert Quick Note. Select a category, then double-click an existing note.


Organize similar types of notes by category. Each category is assigned a default text box type that supports quick notes and only note shortcut abbreviations in this category will work in those text boxes.

Double-click a category to edit or click Add to create a new one.
Description: The name of the category.
Default for Types: The text box type the category's note shortcuts can be used with. Multiple types can be assigned to a single category. To assign more than one type, click the ctrl key while selecting a type. Types can be assigned to more than one category.

To delete a category and all the associated notes, select a category and click Delete. Use the Up and Down arrows to change the order the categories are listed. Changing the order of categories may affect a quick notes shortcut availability in a text box.

  • Quick paste notes used in tasks must have a type of Task. If another type is used, the ? shortcut will not work.
  • The types for JobManager and EmployeeStatus can be ignored as they are only used at Open Dental Headquarters.


Select a category to view its quick paste notes on the right. Each line represents a note template.
Abbr: The shortcut to insert the note in a text box.
Notes: The note or preview of the template. Longer templates appear as one row in the preview but are inserted in text boxes as the user formatted.

To edit or delete a note or a note shortcut, select the note and click Edit (double-clicking inserts the note). To create a new note click Add. The Edit Quick Paste Note window will open.

Abbreviation: Enter the shortcut to use to insert the note in a text box (optional). Numbers, letters, and symbols or a combination of can be used. For the shortcut to work avoid using the same abbreviation as other notes or the same sequence of characters. For example, if di and dia are used as abbreviations, di will override dia. If no abbreviation is entered, no shortcut is assigned to the note. To insert notes without a shortcut, open the Quick Paste Notes list and double-click a note.
Note: Enter the full note text or a template. There is no limit to note size and it can span multiple lines.

Example: Abbreviation = di. When the shortcut ?di is entered in a text box, 'Diabetes' immediately replaces the abbreviation The text box where the note is inserted also must have the note's category as its default. See Categories above.

To organize notes within a category, select the note and use the Up/Down arrows at the bottom of the Notes list. Or sort the notes alphabetically by abbreviation or the first character of each note. Check Abbreviation or Note and click Alphabetize.