TP Procedure Discount

Discounts can be applied to treatment planned procedures by a percentage or a specific dollar amount.

In the Treatment Plan Module, click Discount.

Note: The discount feature is intended for use with cash only patients and is not currently programmed to interact with insurance. Use this feature only if you know it complies with your local laws. Laws vary between regions and Open Dental does not differentiate legal and non-legal use of the program. For example, we have been told that it may be illegal to use different fee schedules for cash only patients vs. insured patients.

Percent: Enter the percentage of the discount to apply. Enter 0 to clear all discounts.

Click OK to apply the discount to procedures. The Discount column in the Procedures grid will reflect any discounted percentage amounts + any PPO insurance write-offs.

When completed, an adjustment is automatically added for the discount amount.

Apply a Specific Dollar Amount Discount to a Treatment Planned Procedure

To enter a specific dollar amount discount, double-click on the procedure code.

Enter the amount in the Procedure - Financial Tab.