TSI Excluded Accounts

Accounts that have specifically been excluded from TSI Collections will list in the Excluded Accounts tab.

In TSI Collections, click the Excluded Accounts tab.

The Excluded Accounts tab lists accounts that have been marked as excluded from collections by right-clicking on a guarantor. This will give the account a CE billing type from Definitions: Billing Types.

Note: If multiple CE billing types have been created, only guarantors assigned the first in the list will be included in the Excluded Accounts tab.

Clinics: Only available when clinics is turned on. Defaults to the clinic selected in the main menu. Click to change clinics.

Account Filters: Change the filter criteria as needed. To save criteria as the default for the next time you run the report, click Save as Default.

Excluded accounts can be sent back to the Unsent list by right-clicking and selecting Mark Unsent.

Guarantors (Excluded) - Not Sent to TSI: Add or remove columns in Display Fields, A/R Manager Excluded Grid.

Count: Total number of guarantor accounts in list.

Total: Total sum of accounts for each column.

tsi OCP: Click to launch the TSI Online Client Portal.

Right-click on a guarantor, then select Go To to jump to their Open Dental account.

Export: Click to export the grid to excel.

Print: Click to print the grid.

Click Run Aging to manually run and update aging.