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More information:

  • Watch our short Meet Open Dental introductory video!
  • Install the free Trial Version if you would like to evaluate Open Dental before ordering (we can help you with this).
  • View the one-hour Open Dental Demo video.
  • If you would like to speak with a current Open Dental user prior to purchasing Open Dental, please contact us for a Reference.

Monthly Support Fee (U.S.)
$179 per month per location or office (12 month contract)

  • Includes the software, full telephone support, and all software releases as they come out. 
  • Includes access to the Acquire and Video Capture Imaging Module features.
  • Includes access to Web Forms, Patient Portal, emailed eReminders, emailed Automated Thank-You Messages, and emailed General Messages.
  • Covers all computers per location or office for up to 3 dentists. Mobile treatment units are each treated as one physical location for billing purposes.
  • After 12 months, the monthly fee goes down to $129. 
  • The initial contract is for 12 months and automatically continues after that on a month-to-month basis. Most users remain on the support plan so that they can continue to receive new versions and telephone support. The software comes with a 90 day money-back guarantee. 

For additional services or fees for practices outside of the United States, see Fees for Software, Support, and Services.

We accept payment by MasterCard, Visa, check, and some other forms of payment. See Submit a Payment.

If you will be converting your data from a previous dental software, plan for this before you start using Open Dental. Conversion fees vary by software. For details, see Data Conversions.

After your order is complete, we will send you a Welcome email with your Registration Key. Refer to Learning Resources for information to help you get started.

"Full telephone support" does not include training. Free learning resources are available anytime via pre-recorded videos on our YouTube channel. Customized online training with an Open Dental Trainer is available for $50 per hour.

Open Dental support calls often include Open Dental staff connecting to your systems and computer screens. When we are in a screen sharing session, it will be securely recorded and stored. It is your responsibility to not connect if you do not want the session to be recorded.

Each support call or chat has a two question/issue limit. Users are welcome to call or chat again to request additional help.

Support hours are listed on our Contact page.

Licenses can be viewed within Open Dental.

Call now to order Open Dental at 503-363-5432. For $179 per month (twelve month contract) you get all software releases as they come out plus full telephone support.