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Cancel Support

See Fees.

Users on support receive the following benefits:

If a user chooses to cancel Open Dental support, access to the above items will no longer be available.

Users on support also have the option to purchase additional services such as the eServices, eRx, online trainings, and more.

To cancel Open Dental support:

  • Please Contact Us by phone. You will receive a confirmation email for your records.
  • Users must have completed the initial 12 month support period.
  • Users cannot be sharing a database with other locations that remain on support and are able to receive software updates (e.g., using replication, remote desktop/ remote app server, middle tier).

Any discounts earned while on support will be lost when support is cancelled.

Users not on support have two options when support is needed:

  • Reinstate support for a minimum of three months. Support will be reinstated at the current pricing listed. Any previous discounts will no longer be valid.
  • Incident support. Users may pay a one-time incident support fee.

You may continue to use Electronic Prescriptions (eRx) and Integrated Texting if support is cancelled, although increased usage charges may apply.

To cancel eRx, see Disabling eRx.

To cancel eServices, see the eService Portal.

To cancel Open Dental Cloud:

  • Please Contact Us. You will receive a confirmation email for your records.
  • Users will be converted to the local network version of Open Dental. We will assist in moving the data back to a local server. This process could take multiple days.
  • If reverting back to a self-hosted version of Open Dental, the current monthy Open Dental Support Fees apply.
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