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Test Data Conversion

Open Dental will provide a test data Conversion at no charge so you can see how Open Dental will work with your data. To begin the process and schedule an appointment, contact a conversion specialist at 503-363-5432. See Data Conversion Fees for a breakdown of final conversion fees by software application and details of what is converted.

It is the responsibility of each practice to verify the accuracy of test conversion data before proceeding to the Final Conversion.  The final conversion will be nearly identical to the test conversion, so make certain you are happy with the test. Once the final conversion is delivered and you begin entering new data, there can be no further enhancements to the converted data without data loss.  In rare situations, we may be able to fix minor issues. 

Prior to a test conversion, do not begin entering real patient data in Open Dental, because this data will not be transferred.  If you are selling or buying a practice, see Practice Changing Ownership to determine how to handle accounts receivable.

How a Test Data Conversion Works

1. Contact Us: Call us to schedule an appointment for a test conversion. We recommend scheduling 1 - 2 weeks in advance.

2. Test Conversion: On your scheduled test conversion date, a conversion specialist will remote connect to the server for your current practice management software, attempt to extract the raw data from your existing software, and transfer it to a secure physical location at Open Dental using a secure SSL connection. Extracting raw data is almost always possible, but in rare situations it is not.

  • If we have completed a conversion from your practice management system in the past, the test conversion takes an average of 2 hours.
  • If we have not completed a conversion from your current practice management system in the past, a conversion specialist will construct a method to convert the raw data to the first copy of test conversion. This process may take approximately three weeks.

3. Delivery:  When the test conversion is ready, the conversion specialist will call you to set up a time to install the trial version of Open Dental and install the test conversion data.  The test conversion database is a good environment to see first hand how Open Dental converts your data and how to use Open Dental.

It is important to note that the test conversion data is not ready for use in your practice.

  • It does not include ADA codes or descriptions. Instead temporary codes are substituted randomly so the test can correctly report account balances and activity correctly without providing copyrighted ADA codes.
  • Patient addresses are limited to only 3 characters so you can verify patient addresses were pulled correctly.

4. Verify Test Conversion: When you are ready to proceed with a final conversion, thoroughly check and verify the test conversion data using the Pre-Data Conversion Checklist as a guide. View the Pre-Conversion Checklist Overview webinar for a detailed walkthrough. Also see Verify Test Conversion Data below for recommended steps.

a. Compare the account balance in your current software to Open Dental.

  • Existing software: Run an aging of A/R report and include credit balances in the reporting options.
  • Open Dental: Run the Aging of A/R Report and include negative balances.  If payment plans were converted, run and preview the Payment Plan Report (don't limit by date range) to calculate the total payment plan balance. Total the two report amounts.
  • Compare Open Dental's total A/R balance to the balance in your current software. If the amounts are not the same, there may be an A/R error. Contact the Open Dental conversion team to try and resolve the issue prior to the final conversion.

b. Examine patient accounts: Write down the names and/or account numbers of 10 patients who have non-zero balances, preferably who also have insurance. We recommend selecting at least 2 patients with negative balances if available. Select each patient in both your current software and Open Dental, then compare the patient accounts.

  • In the Family module:
    • Patient demographics: First name, last name, address, birth date, social security, etc.
    • Family Information: Family positions, marital statuses. Is the correct family member is the guarantor? 
    • Insurance Plan Details: Double click the Primary insurance plan grid to expand the patient's insurance details.
  • In the Account module:
    • The 0-30-60-90 and total balances for the patient.  Keep in mind, any patient account activity since the raw conversion data was collected will not be accounted for in the test conversion data. This rule applies to all account activity for the patient, not just the patient balances.
    • Payments: Payment amounts and dates.
    • Adjustments: Adjustment amounts and dates.
    • Completed Procedures: Procedure codes, procedure fees, and dates.
  • In the Chart module:
    • Treatment-planned work (dates, procedure codes, fees), procedure notes, and progress notes (clinical notes).
    • Insurance Carriers:  Verify that the listed information for 5 of your insurance carriers are the same as in your old software.
    • Employers: Employer names should be the same. 
  • In the Appointments module:
    • Compare a few appointments on a few different days (from last month, this month, and next month).  Ensure that appointments are positioned in the correct operatories, at the correct time, have the correct appointment length of time, and have the correct procedures associated. In Open Dental, double click on an appointment to see detailed information (e.g. which procedures are attached).  Attached procedures are highlighted dark gray on the Edit Appointment window.

c. Check anything else that's important for you.

If you need help locating data, please call or email a conversion specialist.

5. If You Discover an Issue: Open Dental staff will gladly walk through a few examples of the issues, collect screen shots, attempt to fix the conversion method, and provide a new test conversion. This cycle will continue until you are satisfied with the output.  Please let us know if you have input about the conversion so we can improve the process. We make changes almost daily to the conversion application. If we can accommodate a request, it will be converted in a subsequent test.  If you do not see the information you are looking for in your test conversion, the data was probably not converted. You are responsible for checking the test conversion data and verifying it is satisfactory. 

6. Proceeding with a Final Conversion: When you are satisfied with the test conversion and ready to proceed, schedule the Final Conversion.


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