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Version 12.4

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Version 12.4 was released on 2/12/2013

2013 Codes: The CDT codes for 2013 were released on 12/31/2012 as part of version 12.4.28. Changes were also made to areas like recall and insurance benefits to use the new fluoride code D1208. CDT Codes.

Images in Database: The automatic update process now works if storing images in the database. Store Images in Database.

HL7 Service: Multiple HL7 services allowed on the same computer, each for a different database. Also, Open Dental tracks which HL7 service is connected to it, and it won't let a second HL7 service connect.

Generic HL7 Interface: Total control over the message structure. Add new custom interfaces as needed. TCP/IP interfaces available to avoid folder sharing issues. Generic HL7

HL7 Message History: See history of messages sent and received. Generic HL7

Electronic Rx: Can send Rx electronically, but it's still a double entry process. So this feature is considered to be incomplete for general use. Electronic Rx.

Canada Fee Schedule Tools: Import carrier fees for a province for a certain year. Canada.

Minor Changes
Recall table now has DateScheduled column. This will make the recall list fill faster.
A memo can now be added to deposit slips. Deposit Slip
Added a tool to easily and safely switch between MyISAM and InnoDb storage engines. Database Maintenance
Insurance plans default to assignment of benefits checkbox. Insurance Plans
Supply and Inventory interface overhauled. Supply
Perio charting now supports positive gingival margins aka hyperplasia. PerioEquipment Setup permission added. Security.
Medical history can now be printed. Medical.
Employee schedules grid in the appointment module can now show schedule notes.
Security permission added to restrict access to the billing window. Security.
Security permission added for editing problems. Security.
Checkboxes and Input sheet fields are now reportable. Sheets Radio Buttons
Multiple problems at a time may now be selected and added to a patient's medical history. Problems.
Added statement option for Invoices.
CaptureLink program link now available. CaptureLink.
Custom languages can now be added to the language table. Language Definitions.
EHR Certification renewed. EHR License.
Added ADA 2012 claim form. Claim Forms.
Canadian lab fees can be edited inside of the Procedure Edit window. Canada.

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