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Version 21.3

See Versions.

Version 21.3 was released as beta on 08/31/2021. Features will be added to this list as they are completed.

Account Module

  • Edit Payment Split window defaults to the current patient. Paysplit
  • Add ability to include payment plan charges on limited statements.
  • Added Provider and Clinic columns to the Adjustment Picker window.

Chart Module


  • Patient Portal Invites for all appointments. Edit Reminder Rule
  • Added Premed tag to eReminders. Edit Reminder Rule
  • Patient Portal prevents disclosing whether a username exists. Patient Portal: What Patient Sees
  • eClipboard allows patient payments.
  • Mark medications in eClipboard as active or inactive.
  • Patient Portal prompts user when payment using credit card on file is successful.
  • Option to display eClipboard checkin questions individually.
  • eRx proxy users can utilize DoseSpot through Open Dental Mobile.
  • Web Sched Appointments Reports filters using eServiceLog instead of SecurityLog. Web Sched Appointments Report
  • Webforms only download for the selected clinic. Web Forms Retrieve
  • About page added to Open Dental Mobile.

Imaging Module

  • Open multiple images in the Imaging Module at once.
  • Add text to images.
  • Add browse buttons to import folder fields. Imaging Module Preferences

Manage Module

  • Tasks make notification sound on blocked tasks. Task, Tasks Area
  • Option to show hidden users in Task Search. Task Search
  • Filter Transaction History by amount range.


  • Security permission to restrict access to adding or editing medications. Permissions
  • Security permission for setting up high security program links. Permissions
  • Security permission to restrict access to adding or editing allergies. Permissions
  • Security permission to restrict access to adding or editing problems. Permissions
  • Security permission to restrict access to the Edit Patient Information window. Permissions
  • Audit Trail entry for editing patient credit card. Audit Trail Permissions
  • Description for Mobile Web permission now incudes Open Dental Mobile. (Also backported to 21.2.29) Permissions


  • Wiki search allows main pages to show at top of results. Wiki Search
  • Wiki considers keywords when adding internal link. Wiki Edit
  • Allow user to edit wiki page if it is broken. Wiki
  • Tool to merge billing types. Merge Billing Types
  • New database maintenance method for DiscountPlanSubWithInvalidDiscountPlanNum. Database Maintenance
  • Allow Audit Trail to run on Report Server.


  • Fixed spelling in XVWeb bridge. Apteryx XVWeb Bridge
  • Print Electronic Eligibility and Benefits.
  • New keyboard shortcut added to open Select Patient window. Keyboard Shortcuts
  • License agreement captures User, Date, and Open Dental Version. Install Update
  • Receipt option for patients making online payments.
  • Service to automate statement generation.
  • Option to update appointment type color on existing future appointments. Appointment Types
  • Sheet level setting to control auto-saving of forms to Imaging Module.
  • Enhance the Dexis Integrator bridge to have an option for using the File Interface protocol
  • Added SteriSimple Bridge. SteriSimple Bridge
  • MariaDB copyright information added to About window. About
  • Add color to rectangles on sheets. Sheet Line and Rectangle
  • Patient Portion report udated to be non-modal.
  • Bridge to Pixel by Digital Doc. Pixel Bridge
  • Feature requests display highest version completed. Feature Requests
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