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Version 22.4

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Version 22.4 was released on 05/02/2023.

Overview of Version 22.4.

Appointments Module

Account Module

Chart Module

  • Ability to hide orthodontic hardware. Ortho
  • Added date and signature to Progress Notes printouts. Chart Module
  • Added additional logic when grouping procedures for multiple visits. Procedure over Multiple Appointments
  • Force provider selection on Rx when non-provider is logged in and there are multiple provider options. Rx / Prescription
  • Progress Notes indicate if task includes an attachment. (Also backported to 22.3.48) Show Chart Views


Family Module

Manage Module


  • Ability to search provider list when moving patients. Providers
  • Help Feature notifies user if practice is not on support. Help Feature
  • Update Payer ID list when using DentalXChange. Electronic Payer IDs
  • Preference to set a read-only server. Troubleshooting Slowness, Preferences
  • New sheet grids display appointment procedures on Patient Forms, Consent Forms, Referral Letters, and Patient Letters. Sheet Grid
  • Sort patients forms alphanumerically in Pick Sheet window. Patient Forms
  • Updated eRx verbiage. eRx Setup
  • Prompt to create Claim Export Path when one does not exist in the Edit Claim window or Insurance Claims window. Clearinghouses, Send Claims, Claim
  • Moved warning message for users without the AdjustmentCreate permission when entering the Procedure Edit window. Procedure - Financial Tab
  • Option to export TIFF images as TIFF instead of JPEG. Imaging Module
  • StateNoValidation input field allows patients to type out state name rather than abbreviation. Input Field Names
  • Updated text for Days Past setting in the Setup Recall window. Setup Recall
  • Links from Preferences window will open in default internet browser. Preferences
  • Spelling error in Program Links window fixed. Program Links
  • Log both remote client name and server name for RDP users in the Audit Trail. Audit Trail
  • Monthly Production Goal report considers clinics with default providers set on operatories. Monthly Production Goal Report
  • Added details to Recurring charges use transaction date preference. Preferences
  • Updates to wording of variety of preferences. Preferences
  • Added None as referral specialty. Referral List
  • Hid unnecessary features from Open Dental Cloud. (Also backported to 22.3.43) Open Dental Cloud Differences
  • Fixed slow search in wiki. Wiki Search
  • Printed medical claims include supplemental procedure information. HCFA 1500 Claim Form
  • Removed the obsolete bridge, Orion. Program Links
  • Database Maintenance tool to remove duplicate emails and unlinked attachments. Database Maintenance Tools Tab
  • Patient Status Setter allows changing status of deleted patients. (Also backported to 22.3.52)Patient Status Setter
  • Fixed capitalization errors in Ortho Setup window. (Also backported to 22.3.52) Ortho Setup
  • Automation condition added for Insurance Plan ID. (Also backported to 22.3.58) Automation
  • Audit Trail tracks ERA actions. (Also backported to 22.3.59) Audit Trail Permissions
  • Added Patient Database Maintenance method, ClaimDeleteWIthNoClaimProcs. Database Maintenance
  • Updated Database Maintenance method, MedicationPatDeleteWithInvalidMedNum, to insert medications. Database Maintenance
  • Claim Procedure Received Edit permission includes Supplemental payments. Permissions

API: API Specification

  • New method for SubstitutionLinks POST.
  • Enhanced PatFields GET.
  • New methods Benefits PUT and Benefits DELETE.
  • New method ClaimPayments POST.
  • Added PatField table to ApiEvents.
  • New method PatFieldDefs GET.
  • Payments POST - Added ability to create a prepayment.
  • Added SubsitutionCode & SubstOnlyIf to all ProcedureCodes methods.
  • New method AppointmentTypes GET.
  • New method Tasks PUT.
  • Payments POST - Added the ability to select procedure(s) to apply payments to.
  • New method Carriers GET.
  • New method TreatPlans GET.
  • New method TreatPlanAttaches GET.
  • New method Paysplits GET.
  • New method ProcTp GET.
  • Patient GET Simple, allow Guarantor as an optional parameter.
  • New method DiscountPlans GET.
  • UserODs PUT.
  • New method InsPlans POST.
  • New Method Referrals PUT.
  • UserODs GET, option to include hidden users.
  • SubstitutionLinks GET, PUT, and DELETE.
  • ProcedureLogs POST/PUT - Add ability to set the Status to EO.
  • InsSubs PUT/POST, SubscNote field.
  • New method PatPlans GET.
  • RefAttaches GET.
  • Add workstation firing event to ApiEvent PatientSelected webhook.
  • ProcedureCodes GET, DateTStamp filter.
  • Add new method InsSubs GET.
  • Add AptStatus filter to Appointments GET (multiple).
  • Add ProcNum filter to Adjustments GET.
  • Create new method FeeSched GET.
  • Add CodeSubstNone to all InsPlan methods.
  • New method ProcedureLogs POST InsuranceHistory.
  • New method ProcedureLogs GET InsuranceHistory.
  • New method PerioMeasures GET.
  • Add TreatmentArea to ProcedureCodes POST.
  • Appointment subscriptions don't report appointment deletes.
  • Patients GET (multiple) add Zip and TxtMsgOk.
  • Add a new resource: PerioExams GET (single/multiple).
  • Providers GET add ProvStatus to return object.
  • New methods PerioMeasures PUT and POST.
  • Add SuperFamily to Patients GET, PUT, and POST methods.
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