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Version 22.4

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Version 22.4 was released as beta on 12/20/2022.

Appointments Module

Account Module

Chart Module


Family Module

Manage Module


API: API Specification

  • New method for SubstitutionLinks POST.
  • Enhanced PatFields GET.
  • New methods Benefits PUT and Benefits DELETE.
  • New method ClaimPayments POST.
  • Added PatField table to ApiEvents.
  • New method PatFieldDefs GET.
  • Payments POST - Added ability to create a prepayment.
  • Added SubsitutionCode & SubstOnlyIf to all ProcedureCodes methods.
  • New method AppointmentTypes GET.
  • New method Tasks PUT.
  • Payments POST - Added the ability to select procedure(s) to apply payments to.
  • New method Carriers GET.
  • New method TreatPlans GET.
  • New method TreatPlanAttaches GET.
  • New method Paysplits GET.
  • New method ProcTp GET.
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