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Version 23.1

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Version 23.1 was released as beta on 05/02/2023.

Major Changes

Enhanced Online Payments

Changes by Category

Account Module

  • Create Limited Statements for families and superfamilies. Limited Statement
  • Added Ungrouped and Show Attached P&I options to Dynamic Payment Plans. Dynamic Payment Plan
  • Updated order of production items in Dynamic Payment Plan.
  • Closing a Payment Plan creates a close out charge for all future Pay Plan Debits (excluding interest) and makes the amount due immediately.
  • Option to include or exclude Dynamic Payment Plans when closing payment plans. Close Payment Plan
  • Delete button in Production tab only enabled when production item is selected.
  • Automatically allocate CareCredit transactions when preference is enabled. CareCredit Action, Online Payment Management


Family Module



API: API Specification

  • New API permission group for rarely used customer setup resources.
  • Add per visit copay procedures to appointments created via the API.
  • Tasks PUT and POST - Add DescriptOverride as fields for both methods.
  • Closing Payment Plans (Dynamic & Patient).
  • Create new method Recalls GET.
  • Create new noncrud method Recalls PUT SwitchType.
  • Patients PUT/POST - Add DateFirstVisit.
  • ProcedureLogs DELETE - Add Complete as a qualifying ProcStatus.
  • Create new method, DiscountPlanSubs DELETE.
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