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Rapid Release Cycle

New Versions:
5/17/16 - Version 16.1 - EHR Certified. Graphic reports help track the growth of your practice using color charts and graphs. Track verification of insurance plans and benefits. Automatically download ERAs from ClaimConnect.

(beta) - Version 16.2 - EHR Certified. Payments via the Patient Portal. Payment Plan enhancements. Prepayment accounting system. Create batch claims.

Minor Version Changes Based on Feedback


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Customer Announcements

For an archived list, see Customer Announcements.

8/3/2016: 2016 is the last year to begin participation in the Medicaid EHR Incentive Program. See Open Dental EHR.

7/18/2016: eRx: If you receive a TFA error, please contact technical support.

6/23/2016: Version 16.3 will not be compatible with Windows XP.

4/6/2016: For all eRx issues (identity proofing, passwords, support, signup) contact Open Dental Support. DO NOT contact Verizon directly.

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