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Set up Dunning Messages

Dunning messages are statement notes and email messages generated via the Bills list. The messages populate the statement note or bold note and email subject and body based on account aging, insurance pending, billing type, or a combination of these criteria. For example, create a dunning message that applies a precollections warning in the statement bold note for accounts with a balance aged over 90 days. Additionally, set the dunning message to include a precollections email message.

Dunning messages are created from the Billing Options window and filtered by clinic then sorted by criteria complexity: messages with more general criteria appear higher in the list and messages with stricter criteria appear lower. The first message that matches will be used, starting from the bottom up (lower listed messages take precedence). Only one dunning message will be used on any bill and the dunning message Email Statement template will override the Billing Defaults, Email Statements template. If a Billing Defaults, General Message exists, it will appear on the statement note above any dunning message.

Note: Dunning messages do not show when printing or emailing statements from the a patient’s account. To print and email the same statement, we recommend duplicating the email dunning message in the Email Template and/or statement dunning message in the Quick Paste Note. Use the statement generated via the Bills list to email the dunning message and manually create a statement from the patient’s account with the quick paste note to print and mail.

To set up dunning messages:

  1. In the Manage module, click Billing.
  2. Dunning messages can only be created from the Billing Options window. If the Bills list opens, finish billing or delete the list and go back into Manage module, Billing to open the Billing Options window.

  3. From the Billing Options window click Setup Dunning.
  1. Use the Filter criteria to view existing dunning messages. Double click one to edit, click + Duplicate to copy an existing and assign to another clinic, or click +Add to create a new message.

  1. Billing Type: Highlight the billing type(s) to assign the message to. Options can be customized in Definitions: Billing Types. Billing type is set on the Edit Patient Information window.
  2. Age of Account: Select the account age the message will apply to. See Aging for details about how aging is calculated.

    Days in Adv: Enter a value if you want to trigger the dunning message a certain number of days before an account reaches an aging bucket. If 0, the message will be triggered at day 30, 60, or 90, depending on age of account selected.

  3. Insurance Payment Pending: Select whether to include patients who have insurance payments pending (yes), exclude them (no), or if it doesn't matter.
  4. Statement Notes: Enter the message. Text entered as a Message appears once at the bottom of the statement. Text entered as a Bold Message appears in bold red at the top and bottom of the statement.

    To edit placement of statement notes turn on Misc Account Module Preference, Statement use Sheets and customize the Statement Sheet.

  5. Email Statement Override: Enter the subject and/or message body used if the statement is emailed. Variables can be used. This message will override the Billing Defaults email message.
  6. Click OK to save the message.



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