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Bridge - PerioPal  

PerioPal is voice activated software for periodontal examinations. The PerioPal website is no longer available.

To activate the bridge, in the Main Menu, click Setup, Program Links. Double click on PerioPal in the list. Check the Enabled box, then verify the Path of file to open.  Click OK.  You will now have a button in your Chart module labeled 'PerioPal'.

Technical Details / Troubleshooting
The bridge uses a command line as follows:

[Application Path]/PerioPal "PtChart;PtName;PtBday;PtMedAlert;"
Where :
[Application Path ] Usually = C{\Program Files\PerioPal\
Pt Chart = AlphaNumeric Chart number from the Office Management System
PtName = Patients Last, First Middle Init
PtBday is the Patient Birthdate in any Microsoft Access compatible date format
Pt MedAlert is a Y or N .

Before version 6.7.16, there was a bug where the trailing semicolon was missing.

If the bridge is not working, then one option is to construct a shortcut that duplicates the bridge.  Like this:

The screenshot doesn't show the full text of the Target box:
C:\Program Files\PerioPal\PerioPal.exe "23;Smith;Bob;3/25/75;N;"


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