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Drawing on the Tooth Chart  

Use the Draw tab in the Chart module to freehand draw on the Graphical Tooth Chart. This is useful to indicate items that don't have a graphic (e.g. cracked teeth, abcesses, supernumerary teeth, lingual arch wires, other orthodontic work, etc.).

It is possible to draw using the mouse, but takes some practice and a steady hand. It is much faster to draw if you are using a touch screen (e.g. on a tablet). There is no way to hide the drawings, though they can be erased. If the mouse selection is Pointer, drawing is not turned on and you can select teeth as usual.

The colors listed are those set in Definitions, Chart Graphic Colors. The currently selected color shows under the Color Changer option. To choose a color that isn't shown, click Other to open the Color window.

Draw on the Chart

  1. Select Pen to turn the mouse pointer into a pen.
  2. Click on a color to select it.
  3. Click and drag the 'pen' on the tooth chart to draw. Each continuous line is considered one object. 

Erase a Drawing

  1. Select Eraser to turn the mouse pointer into an eraser.
  2. Click and drag the 'eraser' on an object to erase all of it.

Change Color of an Existing Drawing

  1. Select Color Changer.
  2. Select the new color.
  3. Single click on an existing line (object) to change its color.

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