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Evaluation Setup

Setting up an Evaluation for Dental Schools includes attaching a Grading Scale and defining the criteria that will be evaluated.  To set up evaluations, the logged on user must have the Setup Permission.

  1. In the Main Menu, click Setup, Dental Schools, then Evaluations.

The list of evaluation definitions can be filtered by Dental Course.

  1. Click Add, or double-click an existing evaluation definition.

Reorder criteria using the Up/Down arrows. If using a 'weighted' Grading Scale, the total points for all criteria shows at the bottom.

  1. Enter general evaluation information.
    • Title:  The identifying name of this evaluation.
    • Grading Scale: Click […] to attach a Grading Scale.
    • Course: Click […] to attach this evaluation to a Dental Course.
  2. Add the criteria that will be part of the evaluation. 
    1. Click Add. 

    1. Enter the criteria, then click OK to save.
      • Description:  The identifying name of the criteria.
      • Grading Scale:  The scale that will be applied to this criteria.  By default, the scale of the evaluation is selected. Click [...] to change. The overall grade calculation will be always be based on the evaluation's grading scale. 
      • Points:  Only shows if using a Weighted grading scale. Enter the maximum number of points possible for this criteria.
      • Is Category Name: Check this box to use this criteria as a header in the evaluation.  No points or grades will be associated with this row; it will be for organization purposes only.

Repeat this step to add all criteria to the evaluation. 

  1. Click OK to save the evaluation.


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