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Fee Tools  

Fee tools can be used to copy, import or export fees, increase fees by a percentage, and apply fee updates to treatment planned procedures. 

Note: Prior to version 15.3, select the fee schedule on the Procedure Codes window before using fee tools. 

In the main menu, click Lists, Procedure Codes, then click Fee Tools in the lower right.

Choose Settings: Select the criteria for fees that will be copied, exported, imported into, increased, or cleared.

Copy To: Select where fees will be copied to. See Copying Fees.

Export: Export fees that meet Choose Settings criteria to a .txt file. See Exporting Fees.

Import: Import fees from a tab delimited file into the Choose Settings fee schedule. See Importing Fees.

Increase by %: Incrementally increase by a percentage all fees that meet Choose Settings criteria.  See Increasing Fees by a Percentage.

Global Update Fees: Apply fee changes to all treatment planned procedures at once (active and inactive treatment plans only).  If using Clinics, the tool can be run by clinic. See Updating Fees.

  • Only the fee will be updated, not insurance estimates. 
  • Fees in saved treatment plans are not affected.
  • 'Also Update Writeoffs': Will update writeoffs for updated fees. If using clinics, a clinic must be selected for this option to work.

Clear: Erase all fees in the Choose Settings fee schedule. A confirmation message will show.


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