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Updating Fees for Treatment Planned Procedures

When you change fees in a fee schedule, new procedures will reflect the new fees. However, procedures in active or inactive treatment plans are not automatically updated. There are two update fee options: update fees for all treatment planned procedures at once or update fees one treatment plan at a time. Instructions for both options are explained below.


  • Estimates are automatically updated when creating a Claim.
  • Fees in saved treatment plans are not affected when updating fees.

Update Fees for all Treatment Planned Procedures 
This method will update all procedure fees at once. It will not affect insurance estimates. Updated fees in all fee schedules will be applied.

  1. In the main menu, click Lists, Procedure Codes, then Fee Tools in the lower right.
  2. Locate the Global Update Fees section.

  1. If using Clinics, first select the clinic to update fees for.
  2. Check box for "Also Update Writeoffs" if you want to update the writeoffs for updated fees as well. A clinic must be selected for this checkbox to work.
  3. Click Update to update fees. A confirmation message will show.

  1. Click OK to proceed.
  2. When complete, a message will indicate the number of procedure fees that were changed. Click OK to close the message.

Update Fees for One Treatment Plan
This method is useful when you plan to honor old fees for a certain grace period. It will update all treatment planned fees and insurance estimates for the selected patient only.

  1. Select the patient.
  2. In the Treatment Plan module, select the treatment plan.
  3. Click Update Fees in the toolbar. 

  1. A confirmation message will show.

  1. Click OK to proceed.



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