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Open Dental FHIR - RESTful API Service

Open Dental's FHIR service is a RESTful API service that allows third-party developers to query an Open Dental database for certain types of information. Currently the service can be used to read appointment information, patient demographics, and appointment schedule details.

For details about use and setup, see:

We currently offer a test server that developers can use to experiment with FHIR.

Create patients and appointments using FHIR.

Current resources that can be queried:

  • appointment status, operatory, and clinic
  • patient demographics
  • organization (practice)
  • practitioner (provider specialty)
  • provider and operatory schedule
  • available time slots
  • subscriptions (receive notifications about changes made to patients and appointments)

Open Dental FHIR conforms to the FHIR standard defined at https://www.hl7.org/fhir.


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