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Procedures - Misc Tab

On the Procedure Info window, the Misc tab shows options for Medicaid and Public Health.

Billing Type 1/2: Only visible if Medicaid is turned on in Show Features.  Billing Types can be manually set per procedure in order to flag procedures for inclusion in custom reports.

Prognosis:  Prognosis is not used by most offices, although it may be required in some states.  If it is required to show on the treatment plan, then use Display Fields to add a prognosis column to the Treatment Plan module main grid.  To speed entry, prognosis can be set when Entering Treatment. Options can be customized in Definitions, Prognosis.

Site: Only visible if Public Health is turned on in Show Features. Click [...] to select the Site where the procedure was done. This site determines the default place of service set on the Claim Edit - General Tab.

Place of Service: Only visible if Public Health is turned on in Show Features.  Defaults to the Default Proc Place of Service for the Practice when creating a new procedure or completing a procedure. Click the dropdown to change.

If using Clinics: If an appointment has a clinic assigned, when its procedures are set complete (by setting the appointment complete or the individual procedure complete) the clinic Default Proc Place of Service will override the practice Default Proc Place of Service. The practice default will be used if the procedure is not attached to an appointment, or is set complete any other way.

Billing Note: Shows on Statements.


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