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Recall Appointments 

A patient's recall appointments are determined by their Recall Type(s). Every patient is either a Prophy or Perio recall type, and you can add other recall types as needed. A patient's recall type(s), along with due dates, scheduled dates, and recall status shows in the upper right of the Family module, Recall grid. 

The columns that show in the grid can be customized in Display Fields, Recall List. Bold red text indicates the patient's recall appointment is overdue. Every time a recall appointment is set complete, recall dates, status, and notes are reset.

Set up Recall

  • General Recall Setup: General information that must be set up for recall to work correctly.
  • Recall Types: Define the procedures that trigger recall appointments, due dates, and procedures attached to recall appointments.
  • Web Sched Recall: A PatientViewer eService that emails automated or manual recall notifications based on due dates and allows a patient to schedule their recall appointment online.

Prophy vs Perio: By default, every patient starts with a prophy recall type. Prophy and perio are mutually exclusive.

  • To quickly toggle between prophy or perio, click Set Prophy/Set Perio. 
  • To set a patient as perio, you MUST manually click Set Perio. Just completing a perio procedure is not enough to trigger a perio recall. 
  • Age Limits: Only prophy Recall Types can automatically change based on age. Other recall types do not (e.g. bitewings, pano, FMX). If other recall types are age-specific, when a patient reaches the age limit, you must manually delete the current recall type, then add the new recall type. For example, if children 12 and under use the 2BW code (D0272), but adults use the 4BW code (D0274), first add the 2BW recall type to children 12 and under. When a child turns 13, delete the 2BW recall type and add the 4BW recall type. There is currently no automation. See Feature Request #3726.

Manage Recall


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