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Report Setup - Display Settings 

Report display settings control the appearance of the Standard Reports window, including which reports are listed, the sort order of reports, and report name.

  1. In the main menu, click Reports, Standard Reports.Or from the main menu, click Setup, Reports.
  2. Click Setup in the upper left corner.

  1. Open the Display Settings tab.

All available reports will list, grouped by category, and sorted in the order they will appear on the Reports window.

  1. Hide/Show: Click in the Hidden column to toggle between hiding/showing a report.
    • Blank: Report will show in the Reports window.
    • X: Report will not show in the Reports window.

    Three reports are Hidden by default: Provider Payroll Summary, Provider Payroll Detailed, and Net Production Detail Daily.

  2. Reorder: To change the sort order of a report, highlight it, then click the up/down arrows. Reports can only be reordered within a category, not moved to a different category.

  3. Rename: To change the report name that shows in the Report window, click in the DisplayName cell, then type the new name.

    The internal name of the report will always list in the lower right when a report is highlighted.
  1. Click OK to save all changes.

Note: To remove the Business Analytics and Patient Review buttons from the Reports window, open the Program Links window for each bridge, disable the bridge, then select 'Hide unused button'.


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