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Trojan Express Collect 

Trojan provides insurance benefit information services, which is covered on our Trojan page. They also have a collections service which is discussed below.  It is integrated into Open Dental starting with version 5.2.  If Trojan Express Collect is enabled in Show Features, a Trojan Collect button will show in the Account module toolbar.  There is currently no way to hide this button.  Click the button.

In the first window, all patient and guarantor information is validated before the window comes up.  The user is notified of missing or incorrect information and must fix it before continuing.  Once the window is opened successfully, the user must verify the Delinquency Date and the Amount of debt.  The password must only be entered once, and is then retained between sessions.


Click the Setup menu at the top.

It will not let you send a transaction until the two items above are set properly.

Trojan supplies a small program titled The Trojan Communicator. This program runs in the system tray of one computer in the dental office. The program can send collection transactions, benefit requests, and download Trojan benefit updates. This program can send collection transactions even if the office does not use the benefit download features.

Any computer in the office running Open Dental can create a Trojan Collections Transaction. The Trojan Communicator is installed on only one machine in the office, and sends all of those transactions. If you also wish to download Trojan benefit updates, then install the Trojan Communicator on the station that will be doing those updates.  The Trojan Communicator will be configured to watch the shared folder for new transaction files created by Open Dental.  The transactions will be automatically transmitted to Trojan via a secure encrypted link and deleted from that folder. These transactions could happen at any time during the day, so a continuous connection to the internet is required. The Trojan Communicator connects through a secure internet link. It logs in and verifies that the office
is signed up for Collection Services before sending a transaction.

The Trojan Communicator (at least version 2.00) should be installed and running. It should be shown on the system tray of only one computer in the dental office.

Double click on the icon and it will expand to show the Trojan Communicator Main Page

Click “Set Folders for Benefit Files and Request Files”. You will see the next screen

The second box is where Trojan Communicator will look for files coming from Open Dental.  The folder should be shared.  If you don't know how to share a folder, see the Networking page and the Vista page.

Next, you will be taken to the communication settings page. You can usually just click [Test Communications]. Click “Hide this Program” on the Trojan Communicator main page. The program is now ready to send transactions.  To see what transactions have been submitted, you can launch the Express Collect™ program. This program will automatically synchronize it’s list of debtors with Trojan. You can use the Express Collect™ program to notify Trojan of payments that you have received.


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