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Zip Codes  

A master list of common zip codes, attached to city and state, will simplify your data entry when entering patient information.

Typically, you will add zip codes to the master list directly from the Zip Code field on the Patient Information window.  If the city and state fields are blank, and you enter a zip code, the city and state will automatically populate if the zip code exists in the master list. To quickly select a frequently used zip code, click the dropdown arrow.

To change a zip code that is already entered, click the dropdown to select, or click Edit Zip.  The city and state will also change automatically.

If you enter a zip code that is not in the master list, a window will pop up so you can easily add it.

Enter the city and state. To list this zip code in the frequently used dropdown, check the Used Frequently box.  You can attach more than one city to a single zip code.

If you enter a zip code that is attached to more than one city, a selection window will appear.

Click on a zip code to select it.  You can also add, edit, or delete zip codes from here.

The Zip Code Master List
The other way to access the zip code master list is via the Main Menu, Lists, Zip Codes.

Click Add to enter new zip codes.  Double click a zip code to edit.


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