In the Main Menu, click Tools, Certifications.

Certifications are useful for tracking the progress of employee training.

Setup: Set up certifications. See Certification Setup.

Show Only Incomplete: Check to only view certifications still needed by the selected employee.

Sort by Date Complete: Check to sort certifications by date completed.

Employee Search: Search for an employee by first name to narrow the Employee List.

Report To: Filter employees by who they report to (e.g. lead, supervisor, etc).

Employee: Lists all Employees in the practice. Highlight an employee to view certification progress.

Categories: Select one or more categories to narrow certifications by.

View By:

Print: Print the certifications list. Must be printed in landscape to view all columns.

Updating Certifications

To add the date completed to a certification, do the following:

  1. Ensure View by Category is selected.
  2. Highlight the employee who completed the certification.
  3. Double-click the certification from the grid on the right. The following window will open:
    • Enter the Date Completed or click Today to enter today's date.
    • Add any relevant notes about the certification.
    • Click OK to complete.

To delete a certification for an employee, double-click the certification from the grid, then click Delete.