Supplemental Insurance Payments

In the Claim Edit window, at the upper right, is a Supplemental button.

Supplemental claim payments are payments for procedures that have already been marked received. This can include additional payments, or negative amounts (e.g. insurance reduces a payment). Like any insurance payment, you must receive it, then finalize the payment by attaching it to the claim.

Highlight the procedure the supplemental payment applies to.

Click Supplemental in the upper right corner.

Enter the payment amount in the Ins Pay column, then click OK.

On the Edit Claim window, click This Claim Only if finalizing a single claim, or Batch if finalizing for a batch payment.

Enter the amount and verify the attached claim(s). See Finalize Insurance Payment.

Once created, supplemental payments will display as an additional line item in the grid of procedures with the Status of Supp.

Note: Negative write-off amounts can be entered in a supplemental payment to account for adjustments to write-offs already entered, as long as the net write-off is 0 or greater. This is useful when the write-off amount changes and you do not want to or cannot change the original write-off amount (e.g. doing so would change historical reports).

Automatic Supplemental Payments

Supplemental payments can be automatically created by the Income Transfer Manager if a claim was originally received As Total, rather than By Procedure. The supplemental entries are displayed as Txfr in the Status column of the Edit Claim window but show as Supplemental in the Edit Claim Procedure window.

Automatic supplemental claim transfers cannot be edited but may be deleted. If a transfer entry is deleted, all other transfer entries on the claim are deleted as well.

Additionally, if a claim with a supplemental transfer is edited, all the supplemental transfer entries will be deleted. This includes editing or deleting a received claim procedure from the Claim Edit window and the Procedure Info window, and entering additional insurance payments to the claim.

Open the Income Transfer Manager and click OK to re-transfer any remaining unallocated claim payments.